We have a range of insurance products developed to support you and your loan. Our insurance products are designed at the highest standard and underwritten by an established and reputable underwriter with more than 80 years of experience supporting global businesses.

Our products include Warranty for both Cars & Caravans, Gap Insurance, Consumer Credit Insurance, Vehicle Return Protection, Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance and a Novated Lease protection insurance.

Extended Warranty

There are many different types of warranties out there but in most cases the more consistent would be an insurance structured warranty. These warranties are underwritten by an insurance underwriter so therefore are considered to be of higher quality.
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Extended Caravan Warranty

What is covered under Your Warranty Provides Mechanical Breakdown insurance that covers against sudden and unforeseen failure of specifi­ed parts of the Covered Components on Your Caravan;
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Gap Insurance

Gap Insurance or Asset protection insurance is designed that in an event of your vehicle is declared a total loss by your comprehensive insurer and the insurer pays the financier the total loss payout, the insurer will pay to the financier the short fall amount.
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Consumer Credit Insurance

Consumer Credit Insurance is consumer credit insurance (cci) product. It is an optional form or loan protection, which is designed to protect a borrower’s loan repayment obligations in the event of financial loss due to the borrower’s critical illness, Disability, Redundancy, or Business Failure.
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Vehicle Return Protection (VRP)

Vehicle Protection is a consumer credit insurance (CCI) product. It is an optional form of loan protection, which is designed to protect a borrower’s loan shortfall obligation when the borrower, together with their financier agree to hand back the vehicle and terminate the Finance Contract..
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Residual Protection Cover (RPC)

This insurance has been designed for Vehicles purchased with a Finance Contract that travel up to 50,000 kilometres on average per year over the Period of Cover. This Cover provides financial protection, up to the Policy’s maximum benefit of $20,000, whereby at the end of Your Finance Contract should the Fair Sale Price of Your Vehicle be less than the ATO Discounted Value, We will pay You the Shortfall being the difference between the ATO Discounted Value and the Fair Sale Price.
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