Car Finance

We provide all types of car finance options to suit all needs whether you are purchasing for personal use or for business purposes.
Our range of lenders includes anywhere up to more than 100 different product types to cater for all our client needs.

We have an extensive range of car loan options including:
1. Car Loans
2. Commercial Car Finance
3. Secured Car Loan
4. Import and Classic Car Finance

Why DBS Finance and Insurance?

Our combined experience in finance and credit enables our team to better analyse your needs. Our focus is always on sourcing the best product available for our clients.

Pre-approved Finance

Sourcing a pre-approval before you go shopping enables you to negotiate a better deal on your car acting as though you are shopping with cash. Pre-approvals are an advantage also as the broker will value the car you are buying ensuring you are getting good a good deal.

Car Finance for business use

We have an extensive range of commercial finance products and lenders that we can access to construct the right solution for you. There are a range of factors that is considered when sourcing the correct commercial car loan to suit your needs however the main factor is the vehicle used is for more than 51% business use.

Vehicle Sourcing

Ask us about our vehicle sourcing program that can be accessed to source the best priced car by utilising our network of dealers across Australia. You can also access our new car buying service that improves your chances of getting a great price on your new car.

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What are my Options?

Car Lease

  • Another term for this is Leasing whereby under this agreement you use the car while the lender retains the ownership. During the term you can trade the car in for a later model or purchase the car at end of the term.

Novated Lease

  • A novated lease is a three- way agreement between an employer, employee and a financier whereby an employer leases a car on behalf of the employee. When you take out a novated lease, part of your payments come from pre-tax salary.

Chattel mortgage

  • A chattel mortgage is designed for business purposes only and often used to purchase a car enabling more tax benefits. Under a chattel mortgage the finance company lends the money to the customer to purchase a car.

Hire Purchase

  • Hire Purchase is a great option for businesses to purchase a car through a purchase agreement and financed 100% with a fixed or flexible term.

Low Doc Loans

  • These loans are designed for commercial or business use only. We have an extensive range of products that are low doc and designed for those who may not have all their documents in order.

Bad Credit Loan

  • We have extensive range of products to suit all customers credit status. We have helped clients secure a car loan even though they have had bad credit.

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