Bad Credit Car Loans

We have extensive range of products to suit all customers credit status. We have helped clients secure a car loan even though they have had bad credit.

Yes, it is possible to get a car loan if you have bad credit such as unpaid defaults. These types of loans however generally cost more and you will be paying higher than the usual market interest rate. These can range to all types of listed defaults however one of the more common defaults are listed Telco defaults.

Listed defaults if need to be contested can be contested but suggest you contact the provider in the first instance to discuss or negotiate the payment of the outstanding debt.

It’s important as well to be careful of certain providers promoting their services to fix your debt or credit. Many of these businesses try and convince you to do a Part IX which is actually a form of bankruptcy and it will affect your ability to apply for finance. We suggest you do your research and look into this in more detail before making the decision to put yourself into a Part IX.

Our Bad Credit Car Loans benefits:

  • A large range of lenders who will do these types of loans
  • Opportunity to repair your credit by getting into a loan
  • Enable you to be able to purchase a car
  • Access to a network of dealers to assist in sourcing a good quality car.
  • Same day approvals.

Responsible lending criteria applies – “DBS Finance & Insurance” recognises the importance of responsible lending, as prescribed in the “National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009″

Our combined experience in finance and credit enables our team to better analyse your needs. Our focus is always on sourcing the best product available for our clients.

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