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We are experienced in finding our clients the best deals on all type of marine and boat finance. We pride ourselves in knowing how to best source you the right solution and get you into the boat you want at the best rate.

We have an extensive range of solutions for the purchase of your new or used boat and highly recommend you organise your finance before you enter the boat yard. This will help you to negotiate the best price as you have sorted your finance out and the salesman will know you are serious and potentially give you greater discounts on your boat.

We can source solutions whether no matter what type of boat you are purchasing whether for personal recreational use or for commercial purpose.

Secured Boat Loan

With a secured boat loan you can borrow against the boat and generally get a lower interest rate for a term between 12 to 84 months. The boat is used for security and the lender will lend you the amount equal to or less than the value of the boat but in most cases with any type of Leisure or marine finance you will be required to have a deposit. Deposits vary from 10-30% for any type of boat loan.

Boat Lease

Boat Leasing whereby under an lease agreement you use the boat while the lender retains the ownership. During the term you can trade the boat in for a later model or purchase the boat at end of the term.
This is the most common form of agreement for those purchasing a boat for personal use with lease terms from 12 months to 84 months. Loan terms can be dependent on the age and other factors.

Private Sale Boat Loan

One of the most common ways to purchase a boat is by private sale or vendor. This means you are purchasing through a person who is not a dealer. This can be difficult especially with some lenders making this process a little difficult however due to our experience we can make this process easy for you.

We can organise boat finance for all types of boats purchased privately with our aim to provide you with the best rate for the best service.

Responsible lending criteria applies – “DBS Finance & Insurance” recognises the importance of responsible lending, as prescribed in the “National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009″

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