In-House Finance Department

  • Take control of the finance transaction and build a comprehensive, branded inhouse service for your customers.

  • Build your own brand.
  • Connect with a panel of credible lenders.
  • Maintain existing relationships with captive financiers.
  • Platforms to automate process work-flows and compliance.
  • Outsource administrative duties and free up time to manage deals.
  • Partner with an industry professional to operate under a Managed Australian Credit License.
  • Full support and training to ensure your success.

Vendor Direct

  • Gain direct access to the lender for a fast, simple and effective funding solution.

  • Direct application portal for you to streamline business to the lender.
  • 20 Minute Application Approvals – funded within 24hours.
  • Paperless process with eSign allows you to settle contracts during a meeting.
  • Simple, fast and personal online processing.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle and increase turnover,while providing value and improved cashflow to your customers.
  • Flexible end of term options.
  • 95% of Applications approved without a requirement for financel verification.

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